The Post Studio is a legacy company that specialized in branded content for the motion picture and television industry.

Memorable Projects


The DVD explosion in the early 2000’s launched MGM on a mission to release vintage and historic films digitally. Greg Carson, Director of MGM Home Entertainment, led the charge and TPS were lucky enough to go along for the ride. It was our goal to produce added value content for DVD’s that authentically informed audiences of the filmmaking process. From the digital release of Taxi Driver with insight from Mr. Scorsese to conversations with Robert Altman in which he shared intimate filmmaking experiences, Greg and TPS released over 50 titles. It was a memorable period for TPS, to be able to share great stories with audiences of what we love… the filmmaking process.


Who We Were


TPS formed in 2001 as a progressive Los Angeles based production and post-production studio specializing in content creation services for Television, Motion Picture, and New Media communities. From designing the Matric disk during the DVD revolution in 1999 to filming across the African continent, and working with Tim Kring on the television series Heroes during a new media revolution, from 2005 to 2011, TPS penned the concepts and delivered the project time and again. Our foundation was based on an understanding of that, more than ever, our clients needed their message layered across multiple platforms, devices, and portals to compete. TPS centered this focus by inspiring audiences rather than promoting.

Core Services Offered

  • EPK for Television, Motion Pictures, and Brands
  • Original Content / Special Features for DVD and Blu-ray
  • Talent Management Services
  • Trailers / TV Spots / Sizzle Reels
  • Concept Design and Production Services for New Media Applications
  • Transmedia Narratives and Production Services



Jonathan Gaines, of then NBC Universal Home Entertainment, invited TPS to run EPK and promotion for NBC’s television series Heroes. TPS quickly became part of the Heroes family, working directly with show runner Tim Kring. TPS developed content strategies spanning each season, crossing digital, social, and DVD special features. New social and digital mediums were just then arriving on the scene with Twitter leading the charge, which presented opportunities to run parallel Heroes character stories. The industry buzzword at the time was “transmedia” and Heroes was at the forefront of this movement. TPS is incredibly grateful to be part of the Heroes legacy. We made lifelong industry friends with each department and its crew members.

Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now

As a collective, the TPS crew and its peers have moved on, pushing forward various forms of the filmmaking and storytelling craft. Don Burton is back east, creating art and continually telling great stories. Fred Camino is doing broadcast design in NYC. Mike Ruiz is GCD of a content creation studio. Greg Carson is in Las Vegas making music. James Tooley is creating social engagement content on YouTube. Jonathan Gaines is at Warner Bros. making great things happen.

At the core of TPS was the ideology that great works stems from a positive attitude and helping audiences connect to the filmmaking process. After all, everyone wanted to be part of the new media revolution and we focused our work on creating solutions for our audiences to experience.

This is a legacy site for TPS to pay homage to all we worked with and the audiences that participated. There are countless stories and content to share but it is time to move on.

peace —

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