Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now

As a collective, the TPS crew and its peers have moved on, pushing forward various forms of the filmmaking and storytelling craft. Don Burton is back east, creating art and continually telling great stories. Fred Camino is doing broadcast design in NYC. Mike Ruiz is GCD of a content creation studio. Greg Carson is in Las Vegas making music. James Tooley is creating social engagement content on YouTube. Jonathan Gaines is at Warner Bros. making great things happen.

At the core of TPS was the ideology that great works stems from a positive attitude and helping audiences connect to the filmmaking process. After all, everyone wanted to be part of the new media revolution and we focused our work on creating solutions for our audiences to experience.

This is a legacy site for TPS to pay homage to all we worked with and the audiences that participated. There are countless stories and content to share but it is time to move on.

peace —

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